Monday, May 17, 2010

flat tires and $20 bills

welp, I've decided to get back on the blogging train.....I'm not really sure why I've had such a mental block this last month when it comes to blogging....probably because most evenings I've been more attached to my phone, then to my computer. But I vow to do better.

Anywho, I was loading photos onto my computer, and these are some of the gems I discovered.
This is the night of Amy's move to Raymond, and what a night it was.....she got a flat tire.

Note how full her car is....and how we had to unload the whole back to get to the spare.

$20 for the man who helped.

Dreading the drive home going 80km/hour following her in the mini-van.

More pics of the last month to come soon!

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Monday, May 3, 2010


I woke up this morning and stared out at the dismal weather scene going on in Edmonton. With drab weather, I can't work. I don't like when I can't work.
This led me to ask myself why I wasn't still in Dubai.
This led me to check the weather in Dubai.
34 degrees.
This led me to think about times when I was in Dubai.
This led me to the "My Pictures" folder on my computer.
This led me to looking at pictures of our little jaunt to Dubai.
This led me to a lot of laughing as I found pictures I forgot had been taken.
I thought I would share some with you.

Picture 1.
Close-ups of our future husband (and I say 'our' because there will be a debate about who actually wins his heart). So dreamy. Especially in gold-sequined tops (and I pluralise 'tops' because there were multiple costume changes, all revolving around a gold-sequined theme).

Picture 2.
Being scammed into paying 10 Dhs for a fuzzy picture of Bonnie and I wearing plaid with shields. Winner.

Picture 3 + 4.
Our friend/tour guide/photographer at the fort.

Open mouths were not allowed. "No good. No good." Just to prove a point, I couldn't even find a picture where Bonnie had an open mouth. He deleted them all.
He also felt like he could pose us however he wanted. I don't think my father would ever be caught dead doing another pose like this one.

Picture 5.
One of the greatest restaurant mascots found. Someone drew him with a double chin. That isn't a photograph of someone who has a double chin- the artist consciously said to themselves, "Hey- I am going to draw our restaurant mascot with a double chin. This will make people flock to my restaurant." They also had a waterfall in the middle of the dining area. These people have it all figured out.

Picture 6 + 7.
Matching wife-beater-mullet-men. So hot right now.

Picture 8.
The new wave of fashion accessories: snakes. Just taking his pet for a night out on the town...

Picture 9 + 10.
Making us belly dance in the middle of the store. The best part of these pictures though is that in the second one, we can see our friend trying to take a picture of Raquel. Creepy. Somehow at the time it was hilarious though.

Picture 11 + 12.
"Why are you taking pictures with an old man?"

"Take pictures with me- I am young."

Picture 13.
The belly dancing lady who wouldn't let us take pictures. She just conveniently walked in front of every picture we took- or stuck her hand over the lens. Classy.

Such a good trip.
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