Wednesday, September 30, 2009

serious problem

I thought you would all like to bask in stress with me. Lets start with the bad news. I lost my wallet - WITH MY PASSPORT IN IT. Remember how I was going on a honeymoon. Not anymore. So basically - please keep your eyes on the look out for a grey wallet with a passport, family ring and my favorite pair of earrings in them.
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blog layout

so - i'm having a tough time narrowing down the blog template that we should use - so i'm going to keep switching it around until i have a resounding "yes" on which one everyone likes.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Dear House of Bead-

The time is nigh at hand where we are faced with the Halloween costume dilemma. To avoid the embarrassment of past years- i.e. the recycling year- and to shut down terrible ideas early on- i.e. Pokemon characters, I suggest we begin to think of costume ideas right now. That way we will not wander around with recycling bags full of newspaper and our faces painted bright blue, and we can try to ask Bonnie's mother very politely to make costumes for us. That means that once we have an idea- our work may be nil. [If this is a problem with Bonnie's mother, maybe for Halloween we can all be Ashton's bridesmaids and kill two birds with one stone.]

I found this terrible website where I typed in "group costumes." These are a few of the gems I found:

  • toilet, toilet paper and plunger (recycle Scott's costume from last year?)
  • Traffic Light, Speed Bump, Road, and Road Kill (poor sucker who is stuck with trying to come up with a costume for a speed bump)
  • Labyrinth Characters (Cam can be David Bowie again?)
  • Jon and Kate Gosselin Plus 8 (we quickly find 8 children that we can use as props)
  • Hannah Montana Characters (not such a bad idea- we can carry around a ghetto blaster and play Party in the USA all night long because the DJ never will...)
  • Fruit of the Loom Characters (I don't understand.)
  • Angelina Jolie's Kids (another terrible idea)

We need help.

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Case In Point

Just so we call all tell Russel-hairy-beard-man to jump off a bridge. [He's close, but not quite.]

From Wikipedia. Obviously, the following is all correct.

"While the idea of a non working Sunday goes back to biblical times, the idea of two non working days at the end of every week is not very old. According to the book "Waiting for the Weekend" by Witold Rybczynski, the American concept of the weekend has its roots in labor union attempts to accommodate Jewish workers who took Saturday instead of Sunday as their Sabbath. The first five-day work week was instituted by a New England spinning mill for this reason.
In 1926 Henry Ford began shutting down his automobile factories for the entire weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Soon afterward, The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, in 1929, was the first to demand a five day work week and receive it. After that, the rest of the country slowly followed suit, but it wasn't until 1940 that the two-day weekend officially began nationwide."
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

stop me...

this is my last post of the night about marco/asher - and this is my favourite clip definitely.

will he marry me?
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Ok seriously...

i have to quit stalking this guy - but i can't help it - i'm still in the juvenile crush mode...

seriously love this video - who knew marco/asher had his own band.

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I heart marco

So if you haven't seen the movie FAME - go see it today! Marco/Asher made my heart flutter more than once.... He has a beautiful voice.
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Friday, September 25, 2009


So I was doing my usual cnn update this morning, and I came across this article that blew my mind. Maybe it was just too early in the morning, but I can't believe that this guy thinks this will be the norm in 2020 to have our entire memory stored online...crazy. I think I'd rather not.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dorian Gray

I happened upon this trailer. I got really excited about it.
It says it comes out 09/09/09. That means it has already come out.
Question: where is it playing if not in Edmonton?
Maybe Brad Jones will know...

It looks good. Skanky- but good.
Ashton will be excited. Maybe she will start blogging again.
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who can't use a little bit more of single ladies.

So in case you haven't had your fill of single ladies - here's one more version of it.

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Ikea font

I wasn't lying when I told you that there really was a difference between the two types of font. Check it out for yourself.

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Love love love this clip

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Minor Legalities

So there might be a problem with our play.
I checked about copyright stuff today during my break.
$45 per performance- not a big deal. Add to shopping cart.
Oh no- you also have to purchase all the scripts for the play. I figured this would be a problem but we could also just photocopy it? But then if you want to purchase a performance, you also have to tell them where you got your books from. I was trying to be good and purchase the rights to a performance but no- they are such Nazis. I have to buy the scripts too. There is a little box to tell them where you purchased the scripts, and then they will varify your information. Uhoh.
What am I supposed to do? Minor legality that we ignore? Will Kingsway fork out $200 to buy a bunch of books? Will I be eternally punished?
I feel this could be a problem.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Name Change......welcome erin!

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So growing up - i never had a bedtime - ever - and i feel like this article is full of lies and falsehoods. and the moral of the story is - i will never give my children a's too short.
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