Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shout out from ONT

Ok, so sometimes I just lie awake thinking "did we seriously win 4 Britney tickets?" Then I read the post from Ashton about her praying for the Journal one and I realized.... that's what I have been missing this whole time, why wouldn't I pray to see Britney Spears? she is definately a great role model..... uhhhh... NOT! But I am still so freaking excited!!!! Sweetest thing ever.
SO I am official SOO sick, so sick in fact that my parents went out for dinner tonight and I didn't go cause that's how crappy I felt. Oh well. I think me and my mom are going shopping together, I wanted to make a dress but she wouldn't let me. OH WELL!

Hope all is well in Edmonton!

Love Rachel
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lets make a movie

Wanted: Actors/Actresses

I need to present my research paper in english on monday. But I want to do it in a really creative way - being short clips.
So it is trying to prove Lizzie Borden is guilty of the murder of her father and step-mother. You can look it up if you would like because its real life. It happened just over a year ago.

So lets make this fun?
Lets involve food somehow.
Lets tape Bonnie's bed love and body role again?
Second thought, lets not.
Lets do it tomorrow?

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Let's just take a minute to think about what WINNERS we are.

(a) We managed to get everyone we knew voting for that Britney movie. AND WON! Just think about what could happen if we decided to do something that really mattered. Like feeding Africa. Total world domination.
Bri and I thank you all for your enthusiasm. I haven't completely given up on the Journal competition, but it's looking pretty bleak. I still pray for it every night though...

(b) We won fricking RED EYE! Two years running! I knew we were going to do well, but I had my doubts about winning. Still, way to represent people. I still feel really excited when I think about it.
(The tiredness/pain that I feel right now puts a slight damper on things, but give it a week and I won't remember it. Only the victory.)

I'm looking for other things we can win right now.
Lotto 6/49 anyone?
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Friday, March 27, 2009

FB Stalking

The new updates that they've announced for FB will allow me to return to my former stalking days - THank goodness!
I couldn't handle the new site the way it was..

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Beyonce concert review


read this article. kinda interesting. even though i fell asleep i still liked the show....
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Thursday, March 26, 2009



apparently robert pattinson doesn't bathe as often as he should....
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Locked Out

This is ridiculous.
Once again I am locked out of the house.
I am currently sitting on the step on my computer- which is going to run out of battery in about 20 minutes. So I am happy until then.
That is not the point.
The point is that we need to copy and key and a.) hide it somewhere or b.) give it to the boys next door.
This is the third time this week that this has happened which is a.) pathetic on my part and b.) a sign from the heavens that we need to do this.
I feel the pranking threat is over anyways. We can dish our key out freely if it means we can get into the house when we need to.
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All To Pot

I've checked out some of the new Etown Journal Britney competition posts.

They're pretty good.

Perhaps our confidence in winning a set of tickets may be slightly misplaced.
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Hey Shton,

I had a panic attack today because everyone was talking about their nutrition patient counselling sessions....and i haven't done one yet. do you think you can fill that thing out in the next day? And we're well over 400 votes - boo ya!!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

At what point is it obnoxious?

Yay go all the roommates for force-feeding everyone to vote. If we keep this up, we won't have to worry about anyone even coming close to us.
I'm so proud.

I am, however, suffering at school because of it. People are teasing/mocking me. My design prof came over to the table where I was showing Val today and asked what we were laughing about, and when I told him he said "Don't you think you're a bit above Britney Spears?" I said no, but I think I'm now going to get a whole mark less on my Design Project because of it.

Worth it?
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P.S Diandra, grey hair doesn't mean you're old.......

I only say that becuase I found one on my own head the other day.... so sad!
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OK, wait, one more, I think we lost a follower of our blog... ouch....
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Is it bad if I have a crush on a student? WOW- this is when I hope someone from the ATA can't see this. My students are so super cute though. Seriously.... what do you guys think?
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diandra's Offspring


I hear you are upset you were not included in the list of makemebabies potentials.
Do not fear.
Do you remember this?

The old man cannot top this.
I didn't think we should even try.
Your babies cannot be more attractive with Darin then they are with Zac.
I am sorry I didn't include you.
I hope posting this image will make up for it.
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Bus Boy

I saw this boy.
The boy got out of his junior high school for the day.
The boy runs across the street to catch the 6 to MWTC.
The bus stood there and was letting others on.
The boy reached the side of the bus when the bus started pulling away.
The boy runs with bus.
The boy hits bus door.
The boy yells STOP.
The bus continues and rolls on.
The boy is left behind.
[the eyes of the people on the bus follow him as they are driven away]
The boy stands there with his hands to his side.
[best part]
The boy lifts up his hand
The boy gives the bus the middle finger.

Do I support those who use their middle finger to get their points across? Normally no. Did I support this boy is doing what he needed to get his point across. Yes because I saw all of this in a matter of minutes while I waited for the light to turn green and I was so sad for him. His point needed to get across.

Story Question:
Why do the bus drivers who hate their life slash job have to pick on boys?
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Skank It Up

I spent 20 minutes before I went to bed last night reading reviews about the Britney concert.
Apparently it's like a big stripper show.
Made me less excited about the whole thing.


No new videos posted as of 10 AM.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gary "the nut man" Whidden

I walked into the hospital and who did I see?
A man that I knew who was tall and lanky.
Studying has brought me such a nice surprise-
bags and bags of nuts right before my eyes.
I said "hello" and he said to pick a treat-
Anything at all I wanted to eat.
I humed and hawed a bunch
of what I'd want to munch-
Yogurt-covered pretzles that would satisfy me.

I have since eaten half that bag. They were absolutely delightful. But now I feel sick. Gary "the nut man" Whidden is the best thing to happen to the hospital. And he hates his job. I asked him.
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Oh No!
There's another submission!
I haven't watched it yet because I'm in a public place and this whole things meant to be kept under wraps for the time being, but my heart is now pounding.
What if it's really good?
Let's just say I hope she isn't in B's Dental Hygiene class. Because that's what I'm really counting on...
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Me Babies!

Remember makemebabies.com?
I forgot about it- until now.
I feel in the past few months there have been some recent developments in relationships all around us, and we need to check new makemebabies.com compatibility. 
For example:
Bonnie and her Adams (Yes, that was plural. You know which two I'm talking about...)
Me and every member of the Jonas Brothers
Ashton and Bri (perhaps your babies won't be black anymore?)
Rachel and Jeb (I feel last time you were broken up and out of respect for you we didn't do it. You may have done it in your room though behind closed doors...)

Who needs matchmaker when you have makemebabies.com?
This will really tell you how compatible you are.
No one wants to be with someone when their offspring will look like potatoes. 

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Creepy. Stalker. Help.

Okay guys:
Creepiest thing on Earth. 
5 years ago I went to EFY and my "COW" was this creeper. So he kept writing for a while, then stopped. Sort of. Then he mother called me my first year and said he was coming for welcome week and he really wanted to see me again. I think I pretended I was dating Devin Bennett. Creeper. Thought that it was long gone. Apparently not. 
So I go on facebook tonight- a message from Dexter. Trying to catch up- NO.
I have copied this lovely message because 
a.) it is strange and i feel the need to share it with you
b.) it is creepy and i feel the need to share it with you
c.) i need to know what you would write back
So here it is:

Hi Devon,.. you dont know me,,this is one of dexters family members.. ... Do you remember when you met him about 4 years ago? well, he has never forgotten it or you, and he would like to talk to you in person. he is a chicken- so not sure what he would say,, but we hear about you so often, that we decided to take matters into our own hands... before he drives us crazy!!!, he is certain that if we talk to you that you will think he is from geekville....hmmm.... if you are interested in a visit wth him, please leave your phone number here, or call him at 250-567-7416 - his cell, he will be shocked to hear from you!

Creepy. Stalker. Help.
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Anxiety Attacks

I'm really nervous/excited for Saturday.
Why? Because voting on the video opens.
For all those reading this (Lil' Dee and possibly Michay, our one true follower) who don't know what I'm talking about: I'm sorry, I can't tell you. And no one else should either, because we want it to be kept under wraps until then.
Why? Because voting opens on Saturday.
I'm concerned that word will leak and then everyone will watch it on Thursday and have forgotten about it by the time Saturday rolls around, when their vote actually counts. So, fellow dancing roommates, try not to tell the world. Keep it under wraps. And then, come Saturday, unleash the fury.

I also lie awake at night and make lists of who might vote for it, and what the best way to reach them is. Facebook? Phone calls? Letters in the mail? Actively showing up on their doorsteps? I'm currently compiling a list of potential voters in one column with the medium to best reach them in the other. It's pretty intense.

I need something else to obsess about. I think my nerves will be shot by the time Saturday comes around.
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The Art of Backcombing

So today on the bus Bonnie and I saw an old woman with intensely backcombed hair. Bonnie's response was, "Woah- check out that woman's backcoming job. She's good." I may paraphrase. I don't remember exactly what was said. But regardless- it was impressive. Her hair was standing straight up. Nice look for an older woman. And I'm jealous of her skills- backcombing is something that I have never been able to do.
So what do I do today- I write my exam and go to medsci to study. Who is there? Not the old woman- that would be too exciting- but a young woman with seriously backcombed hair. It is in a ponytail, but is backcombed up a foot. I swear, a foot. Which got me thinking- I can increase my height by a foot by backcombing my hair! I feel the greatest con of this would be that I would look like a troll. They were cute but naked with jewels as bellybuttons.
So I feel the need to talk to a hairdresser. Maybe Ed can too... HGH is no longer his only option.
Backcombing is going to be one of those things that we will regret doing.
One day I will shutter to think that I coveted someone's ridiculously backcombed hair.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Check out these pictures....one word - WHY?

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Ok...so we didn't set up this blog to just discuss the pros and cons of peeing in the shower. It was meant to be a forum where we can voice opinions on anything that we feel. And i feel that we need to get the latest womanizer video up here asap...ashton? so overall, i had a good wknd, just in case anyone didn't know. Highlights were seeing chris p sing his heart out, watching ellis meet nanny, and skipping sunday school. Here's the latest from people.com.

Could Slumdog's Freida Pinto Be the Next Bond Girl?
By Monique Jessen
Originally posted Sunday March 15, 2009 01:15 AM EDT
Freida Pinto
Photo by: Simon James / WireImage

She conquered the world after being cast in the year's most unlikely screen sensation. So what's next for Freida Pinto?

The Mumbai-born beauty and star of Slumdog Millionaire has reportedly been approached by Barbara Broccoli, producer of the James Bond films, to do a screen test opposite Daniel Craig.

According to the UK’s Sun newspaper, the Bond team have had their eye on the 24-year-old actress for some time. "Freida came to the attention of the Bond team when they were casting Quantum of Solace," a source told the newspaper, but "she was too young at the time to have a part as a love interest for a secret agent."

Now, the timing could hardly be better, since the actress has not only matured but also found fame with the Oscar-winning success of Slumdog.

In addition to inking a deal with cosmetic giant Est̩e Lauder Рand gracing the cover of Indian Vogue РPinto was recently courted by many top designers, including Karl Lagerfeld, at Paris Fashion Week.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

For The Record

Just For The Record -

(and I'm not adding this as a comment because no one really sees it...)

I have NEVER pee-ed in the shower. Point blank. Full stop. Never. Ever. This isn't me ashamed of it, this is me ACTUALLY never having urinated in the shower.
(You have to know that if I did, I would admit it. I've admitted to more embarrassing things before. I try to be as honest as I can about strange body functions.)
I think it's disgusting.

Bri says he does it about once a week.
Bo does it about once a month.
Me, it's never.

I just cringe when I think that maybe Rachel may be doing it, and that I get in the shower right behind her. What if there's pee vapor still floating around in the bathroom? What if there's pee molecules still stuck to the tub and I get in? What if, horrors of horror, it gets somewhere other than the shower?
I don't even want to think about it.

Please tell me Diandra uses soap.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baseball dating.

seeing as how i have no life - i aimlessly waste time searching the web - and found this article about dating...check it out:


any thoughts?
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Monday, March 9, 2009


Just FYI:

I know it sounds crazy, and you're probably reading this right now thinking that there's no way this is true, but it is.
She got home from school, made herself some intense sandwiches and, after realizing that there were no easily accessible onions in the house, wasn't sure what to do about dinner. Then her eyes alit on the crockpot, hiding on the bottom shelf in the kitchen, and she figured her life out.

Awaiting in the aforementioned object is a dinner so delicious you're probably going to run out of saliva just thinking about it before you get home. There's chicken and beans and salsa and mushroom soup just a-heating and a-waiting for y'all.
[It doesn't smell like the best thing in the world right now, but the cookbook recommended it and we had all the ingredients, and we're just going for edible, right?]
So hurry home chickens. Food awaits, for the first time in weeks.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

CHRIS brown is evil.

so after reading this article it reaffirmed to me that there's a lot of jerky boys out there. like jason and chris.... we better keep looking for the good ones.

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More rantings

So everyone is going to be gone when Ellen is talking to Melissa.
This makes me a little sad. 
I would try to tape it- but the blank tape appears to be gone. I feel D took it to watch the episode of the Bachelor that we taped for her. I hope she now knows that it isn't worth her time. That is two hours of her life she will never get back. Just like the 19 hours I spent watching it and will never get back. 
Know what else makes me sad? Suck ups. Well- more mad and bitter. The other student teacher is the biggest suck-up on Earth. And smokes. Today instead of doing something productive in our spare, we got into his truck and went to get coffee. I went to Quiznos. However, he sat in the truck and smoked. Three cigarettes. Sick. I think I am going to now die from cancer due to second-hand smoke. 
Know what else makes me sad? When someone buys a box of Timbits and all they get are the original ones. 40 Timbits. That's a lot of potential variety. The box was opened today and there were only the originals. Not the glazed kind- the dry powdered kind. Sick. 
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It's been a couple days now, and I'm still thinking about Jason Mesnick.
And getting mad about it.
And wishing that I had been in the audience when Stupid Mr. HostMan asked if anyone there was angry, so I could rant away.
Boys should not have to do that on public television. I understand it was part of his contract, and that's very convenient, but to not have given her some sort of hint? Not to have indicated that this was what was coming? Could he not have arranged something where they got together having already broken up? Apparently I hate the makers of reality TV, for bring this into my life.
I do agree with Divo though. Blush should go (although, in my defense, I've only watched it once). The rest can stay. I'm even probably going to wind up watching The Bachelorette (unless the new season of D&B Love Triangle gets really hot and heavy. Then I may just watch that). I have a hard time sticking to convictions.

On another NOTE - I always worry when people say that songs remind them of you. Leigh always told me that "She's Always A Woman To Me" by Billy Joel reminded me of her. Especially the lines "She'll promise you more than the Garden of Eden/And she'll carelesly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding".
Bonnie, we'll have to talk when I get home.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bachelor link

check this out:

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I do not believe that giving up reality television would be humanly possible. Not only am I addicted, but you are too Bonnie. Let me remind you that in our house, Blush has been watched for the past 5 Saturday nights in a row. There are a couple things wrong with this:
a.) Blush is the worst reality tv show on the planet.
b.) No activities have been going on which are more exciting on Saturday night at 12:30- which is sad.
c.) It is a show about a bunch of gay make-up artists carrying umbrellas and making people look like whores from the 1940s.
Therefore, I think stopping watching the Bachelor and Blush are great ideas. I couldn't live without the rest of reality tv. There would be no human tetris, no ANTM, no American Idol, no ABDC, no America's Got Talent- and therefore no church activities that are entertaining.
I do however believe that our own reality tv show would be quite a hit. The Bachelorettes (note the plurality): pick a boy and create a love triange. Then, both of us can try to seduce him, and he will want to date/be engaged to one of us. But at the same time, he won't be able to stop thinking about the other one, will eventually dump the first publicly (perhaps Color Night? I can make this work...) and hook up with the other girl. Brilliant. The goal of the tv show is to be the girl he hooks up with in the end. Therefore, you want to woo him, but make him think that the other girl is better. It is important he doesn't stop thinking about you though, so he will want to get back together with you. Bonnie- this will be done. We must pick a suitor. Perhaps not on a public blog. Dinner table. Tomorrow. 5:00.
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Bonnie's search for love

so since i've decided that jason is a tool, i'm contemplating giving up reality television completely. thoughts? i feel that i shouldn't be investing this much emotion into a character that has no substance and i can't charm into loving me, since he doesn't exist in my world. so....i've decided to devote all my time and energy into real relationships, and i will now set about to con a boy (any boy) into being my lover. i don't feel like it would actually be that difficult.....can it be? anyways, i believe what would be better is for me and devo to stage a competition, in which we have to pick a boy and form a love triangle. this boy, however, cannot be a friend to us, merely an acquaintance that we seduce, and can then be discarded to the wind. any suggestions for names? then, we could get back into the dating world, and after having such a ridiculous relationship, we would be prepared for anything.

moral of the story - no more reality tv, my life will become my own truman show and i will find love.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the following link demonstrates my feelings of that piece of crap called jason.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK, so it took me a while to figure out how to post.... I hope this actualy works. I really just went on here to see what our count was at. Have you really been on here 19 times already Bonnie? Wow... I am impressed. Just for the record..... I think we need to start actively recruiting people for EFYSA, I think it will be quite a success, and I am sure Devon can pull some of her strings to do some advertising!
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