Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bus Boy

I saw this boy.
The boy got out of his junior high school for the day.
The boy runs across the street to catch the 6 to MWTC.
The bus stood there and was letting others on.
The boy reached the side of the bus when the bus started pulling away.
The boy runs with bus.
The boy hits bus door.
The boy yells STOP.
The bus continues and rolls on.
The boy is left behind.
[the eyes of the people on the bus follow him as they are driven away]
The boy stands there with his hands to his side.
[best part]
The boy lifts up his hand
The boy gives the bus the middle finger.

Do I support those who use their middle finger to get their points across? Normally no. Did I support this boy is doing what he needed to get his point across. Yes because I saw all of this in a matter of minutes while I waited for the light to turn green and I was so sad for him. His point needed to get across.

Story Question:
Why do the bus drivers who hate their life slash job have to pick on boys?


Shtoon on March 19, 2009 at 10:19 PM said...
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Devo on March 19, 2009 at 10:31 PM said...

Oops. Ashton was signed in when I wrote the following comment. I had to delete it. That is why her post has been removed.

Funny you should mention this:
Yesterday I was at the bus stop at the hospital waiting for the forever-late 51.
The 4 drove by and I watched a girl do the backpack run for a whole block to try to catch the bus.
It stopped to let people on at the stop, then drove away.
I saw the girl running and I did the chicken-waving dance to try to get the bus driver to stop.
She didn't.
The bus then was a little stalled because it was waiting for the light to turn green- the girl caught up to the bus.
She knocked on the window, the bus driver ignored her.
Drove away.
She didn't flip the bus driver off.
I wouldn't have judged if she did.

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