Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bonnie's search for love

so since i've decided that jason is a tool, i'm contemplating giving up reality television completely. thoughts? i feel that i shouldn't be investing this much emotion into a character that has no substance and i can't charm into loving me, since he doesn't exist in my world. so....i've decided to devote all my time and energy into real relationships, and i will now set about to con a boy (any boy) into being my lover. i don't feel like it would actually be that difficult.....can it be? anyways, i believe what would be better is for me and devo to stage a competition, in which we have to pick a boy and form a love triangle. this boy, however, cannot be a friend to us, merely an acquaintance that we seduce, and can then be discarded to the wind. any suggestions for names? then, we could get back into the dating world, and after having such a ridiculous relationship, we would be prepared for anything.

moral of the story - no more reality tv, my life will become my own truman show and i will find love.


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