Monday, March 16, 2009

The Art of Backcombing

So today on the bus Bonnie and I saw an old woman with intensely backcombed hair. Bonnie's response was, "Woah- check out that woman's backcoming job. She's good." I may paraphrase. I don't remember exactly what was said. But regardless- it was impressive. Her hair was standing straight up. Nice look for an older woman. And I'm jealous of her skills- backcombing is something that I have never been able to do.
So what do I do today- I write my exam and go to medsci to study. Who is there? Not the old woman- that would be too exciting- but a young woman with seriously backcombed hair. It is in a ponytail, but is backcombed up a foot. I swear, a foot. Which got me thinking- I can increase my height by a foot by backcombing my hair! I feel the greatest con of this would be that I would look like a troll. They were cute but naked with jewels as bellybuttons.
So I feel the need to talk to a hairdresser. Maybe Ed can too... HGH is no longer his only option.
Backcombing is going to be one of those things that we will regret doing.
One day I will shutter to think that I coveted someone's ridiculously backcombed hair.


Shtoon on March 17, 2009 at 12:09 PM said...

Funny you should mention backcombing.

At the Lacombe Music Festive Grand Concert (yes, Bri sang a solo in it. Be very impressed) one of the accompaniests was the scariest backcombed lady I'd ever seen.
I saw her as she walked in a said "That lady looks like she has a dead animal on her head." Then, as she was playing, Russ leaned over and said "Look. Toad's at the piano."
To top it all off, she was ugly as sin.

And I think I may have seen the exact lady getting on the 51 at the hospital that same day. If it was her, she was definately the scariest thing I'd ever seen.

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