Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baseball dating.

seeing as how i have no life - i aimlessly waste time searching the web - and found this article about dating...check it out:


any thoughts?


Diandra on March 11, 2009 at 2:08 PM said...

1. How do you find such things.
2. SO sad.
3. SO true.

My favorite phrase in this blog would have to be: "How in the h*** did she get married before me?"

I am going to put myself out on a limb. The rest of this comment may make me look bad, however, as a member of the house of BARD, I feel you will each understand why.
I ask myself certain questions related to this topic often.

No I do not ask myself: "How in the H did she get married before me?" BUT I do ask myself: "How in the H is she/he start dating him/her?" or "If SHE can find someone then I HAVE to have to have a chance." Which brings us ultimately back to the baseball league theory, which I feel is correct.
People marry people alike them. Which has me wanting to ask the question: which "league" am I in? Am I in a B- League and am not aware? Do I want to know? NO, don't tell me.

Which if I can ramble on a side topic here.. when you are "odd" or "different" you have no idea. You think you are perfectly normal. We have all been around those kind of people. EX. At youth dances there was this boy who spit when he talked when you danced with him. EVERYONE knew, EXCEPT him. It was his trademark. Now unfortunately when he asked girls to dance and they gave him only a half smile and a hesitant yes, he had no idea why. When we were dancing with spit boy and had to constantly wipe our faces or blink as to not get the flying spit in our eyes, did he understand why? Poor spit boy never knew he was really the different one and ALL of us girls didn't just choke on his second hand saliva for fun.

Which again brings me back to the question, which league am I in? Am I in THAT league? Do I want to know? NO. Let me keep believing that I am normal. Please.

Melissa on March 15, 2009 at 9:13 PM said...

That blog made me wish I knew something about baseball. It was dece though. I totally agree with you marry people that are in your range... But there are lots of factors that determine your range... ya know. Like looks (thats probably the immediate one we all look at)... and then there's personality (which has been known to destroy more than one good looking persons looks) and then extra-talents (like being able to stick your tongue in your nose while having one leg behind your head). All these things work together to determine your rating.

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