Sunday, March 29, 2009


Let's just take a minute to think about what WINNERS we are.

(a) We managed to get everyone we knew voting for that Britney movie. AND WON! Just think about what could happen if we decided to do something that really mattered. Like feeding Africa. Total world domination.
Bri and I thank you all for your enthusiasm. I haven't completely given up on the Journal competition, but it's looking pretty bleak. I still pray for it every night though...

(b) We won fricking RED EYE! Two years running! I knew we were going to do well, but I had my doubts about winning. Still, way to represent people. I still feel really excited when I think about it.
(The tiredness/pain that I feel right now puts a slight damper on things, but give it a week and I won't remember it. Only the victory.)

I'm looking for other things we can win right now.
Lotto 6/49 anyone?


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