Monday, March 9, 2009


Just FYI:

I know it sounds crazy, and you're probably reading this right now thinking that there's no way this is true, but it is.
She got home from school, made herself some intense sandwiches and, after realizing that there were no easily accessible onions in the house, wasn't sure what to do about dinner. Then her eyes alit on the crockpot, hiding on the bottom shelf in the kitchen, and she figured her life out.

Awaiting in the aforementioned object is a dinner so delicious you're probably going to run out of saliva just thinking about it before you get home. There's chicken and beans and salsa and mushroom soup just a-heating and a-waiting for y'all.
[It doesn't smell like the best thing in the world right now, but the cookbook recommended it and we had all the ingredients, and we're just going for edible, right?]
So hurry home chickens. Food awaits, for the first time in weeks.


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