Sunday, May 3, 2009

love and free time

What will devo do with her free time?
I propose we make a list of ideas that devon can use when she is lost in her time.
These ideas can correlate with:
2.further money making schemes

Pannel/discussion is now open!


Devo on May 4, 2009 at 4:01 PM said...

RELEASED is right!
Things to do with my free time.
1. Can't find love. I should have found love one and half years ago and been released then. Then I wouldn't have had to fake a pregnancy/pretended I was sad I was getting released.
2. Definitely come up with money making schemes. Excellent idea. Then I can be rich, retire early and have even more free time.
3. Take up a hobby. Rachel would really love me to start painting. I should probably learn to sew. Or cross-stitch. I feel it is dying art. Hula hooping is high on the list too. Not even joking. Hula hooping dancing. Apparently an art that is just being born.
4. Do my taxes. They always get done months after they are due. Bad for Devon's bank account. We can do far more fun things with an extra grand in the bank.
5. Re-read Twilight. And the other 50 books on my reading list.
6. Buy a camera and learn how to take pictures. This is going to require your free time too, because you will have to be my models.

The list will go on and on.

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