Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wherever Whenever

So I love this shirt. It brings me joy. I bought it on a study break with Josh last spring and it has been one of my faves ever since. I love using the very few words I know in French (bein oui! franche mon! avec tu? comme ci comma ca. est-ce que tu boire du l'eau? je t'aime.) This shirt gives me the opporuntity to do so everytime I wear it without fail. I have also shared many special moments with it, including the day documented below, when I dipped my toes in the Atlantic for the first time and ate my first corn dog...precious moments.

So just try to imagine my excitement when Anne told me about this picture on (I never thought her celebrity website addiction would come in so handy)
Shakira and I have the same clothes!! It's lucky that her breasts are small and humble...unlike mine....which are always confused for mountains...and make the shirt look better on me.


Devo on December 20, 2009 at 10:51 PM said...

I love when you have the same clothes as celebrities. It makes you feel like you have a great fashion sense.
Once, in some movie on the Disney Channel, a kid had my Northern Getaway plaid shirt with ants on it. It was a very proud moment. Looking back, it was an ugly shirt. Which means the Disney Channel had a terrible dress sense too.

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