Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's been a couple days now, and I'm still thinking about Jason Mesnick.
And getting mad about it.
And wishing that I had been in the audience when Stupid Mr. HostMan asked if anyone there was angry, so I could rant away.
Boys should not have to do that on public television. I understand it was part of his contract, and that's very convenient, but to not have given her some sort of hint? Not to have indicated that this was what was coming? Could he not have arranged something where they got together having already broken up? Apparently I hate the makers of reality TV, for bring this into my life.
I do agree with Divo though. Blush should go (although, in my defense, I've only watched it once). The rest can stay. I'm even probably going to wind up watching The Bachelorette (unless the new season of D&B Love Triangle gets really hot and heavy. Then I may just watch that). I have a hard time sticking to convictions.

On another NOTE - I always worry when people say that songs remind them of you. Leigh always told me that "She's Always A Woman To Me" by Billy Joel reminded me of her. Especially the lines "She'll promise you more than the Garden of Eden/And she'll carelesly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding".
Bonnie, we'll have to talk when I get home.


Devo on March 5, 2009 at 4:40 PM said...

Don't feel bad about the song dedication Ashton.
Bonnie sent me one where the opening scene is of an old man golfing.
That is apparently what I remind Bonnie of.
I worry.

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